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Paul Gray Award For Most Thought Provoking Paper Presented

Wednesday, April 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett

Mary Lacity, Shaji Khan, and Erran Carmel's paper: "Employing U.S. Military Families to Provide Business Process Outsourcing Services: A Case study of Impact Sourcing and Reshoring" has been selected as the recipient of this year's Paul Gray Award for the Most Thought Provoking Paper.

The Paul Gray award is established in memoriam of the CAIS founding Editor-in-Chief, the late Paul Gray, and is awarded annually in recognition of a paper that provokes thoughts and "lingers on" in the memory of those who read it. The award is determined through a selection committee involving the past Editors-in-Chief of the Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

The paper is an example of Paul Gray’s way of thinking as it is counter-intuitive and well executed. This is what scientific discovery is made of! It does at the same time two things that are thought provoking:

  1.  it shows how offshoring can be substituted with re-shoring, which is counter to what a lot of people think is possible, and
  2.  it shows the pitfalls and promises of such an approach, illustrating that it is not a simple approach that can be easily implemented. Context here is important and we can speculate that similar impact sourcing can happen elsewhere as well, but needs careful consideration, messaging and implementation. Furthermore, although the case is US specific, the implications are broader.

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