Gianluigi Viscusi
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Last updated: 2/27/2019
Dr. Gianluigi Viscusi
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  Information Systems Development and Acquisition, Support:modeling, Information technology management, Information technology management:IS development, Information technology management:IT planning, Information technology management:strategic planning, Information technology type:data base systems, IT Innovation, Philosophical Approach:critical, Philosophical Approach:design science, Philosophical Approach:interpretive, Research approach:case study, Research approach:ethnography, Research approach:multi-method, Society & Ethics, Society & Ethics:policies, System type:administrative functional systems, System type:community wide systems, System type:executive support systems, System type:inter-organizational systems, Type of impact:organizational, Type of impact:political, Type of impact:strategic, Type of research:conceptual, Type of research:empirical, Type of research:exploratory, Type of theory:information theory, Type of theory:management theory, Type of theory:multi-theory, Type of theory:organizational theory, Type of theory:philosophy, Type of theory:sociological theory
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  University of Milano-Bicocca
  CIS02 - IS Concepts, CIS09 - Management of IS, IS04 - Database Management Systems, IS08 - Info Systems Devel Tools and Techniques, IS09 - Information Management, IS97.03 - Information Systems Theory and Practice, ISM3003 - Foundations of Management Information Systems, O-11 - Information Technology and Systems in Organization Strategy, O-12 - Organization, Management, and Evaluation of Information Systems, O-15 - Knowledge-based Systems, O-16 - Collaborative Work, DSS, GDSS, and ESS/EIS

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