How to download a roster

How to download you SIG/College Roster

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 1. Go to and sign in with your member username and password.

 Click "Sign In" at the top of the home page.


 2. In the "My Profile" section click on "Groups" 


 3. Find your group.

 If you have an admin icon next to the group name (See the circled images on the right), then you have access to the administrative part of the group page. If you do  not see the icon, please contact your group president/chair to request administrative access or contact and request access. Please copy  the president/chair of your group when requesting administrative access from AIS staff.

 Click on the group name.


 4. Once on the group page you will see an icon and link called "Group Admin Options" (see the circled image on the right). If you do not see the icon and "Group  Admin Options" then you either do not have administrative rights, or you are not logged in.

 Click on "Group Admin Options"


 5. Under the section "Member Management" you will see a link called "Export Group Members" (see circled image on the right).

 Click on "Export Group Members"


 6. When the download is ready you will see a pop up image similar to the one on the right. 

 Click on the "Click here to download link".

 Save the file.



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