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May2011: AIS Dues Structure Update

Jason Thatcher

VP Member Services

The Association for Information Systems offers our members quality publications, opportunities for networking and collaborating with peers, and robust platforms for presenting cutting edge IS research world wide.

One way that the AIS supports the development of the global IS community is to provide discounted membership dues to faculty and students residing in developing nations. Although discounted dues do not cover the full cost of providing individual member’s benefits, we are committed to continue offering discounted rates in order to ensure continued access to member benefits to IS students, scholars, and practitioners from around the world.

AIS bylaws require that the AIS Council annually review dues rates. In March of 2011, AIS Council voted to institute a consistent and comprehensive dues structure that facilitates this process and avoids arbitrary dues changes in the future. The new dues structure reflects 18 months of work by the VP of Member Services, regional AIS council representatives and members of the AIS membership.

Membership dues will continue to be determined by a member’s country of residence. Countries are categorized according to the United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI). Members that reside in nations that fall into the High, Medium and low HDI category will pay a percentage of the rate paid by members living in countries in the Very High HDI category.

The percentages have been set as:

High HDI: 40% of the Very High HDI dues rate

Medium HDI: 25% of the Very High HDI dues rate

Low HDI: 5% of the Very High HDI dues rate

The use of these percentages results in dues increase for members in developing nations. These are the first increases for members in these nations in several years. The increases will be implemented over a three year period beginning July 1, 2011.

After July 1, 2013, dues in high HDI, medium HDI, and low HDI countries will only increase when AIS Council votes to increase the Very High HDI countries membership rates.

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