2016 SIGGTM Election

The AIS Special Interest Group on Grounded Theory Methodology (SIGGTM) is seeking to renew the elected officers serving at the Executive Board, as per Article IV of the SIGGTM Bylaws. To that effect, the Nomination and Election Committee is very pleased to present for your consideration a list of nominees who combine experience and energy to keep moving forward our terrific community.

Each candidate provided a brief statement below.

The online election is set to start on the 31 October 2016 and be closed on 11 November 2016.

Please cast your vote and keep supporting your SIGGTM.


Best regards,

Walter Fernandez
SIGGTM President


Natalia Levina, Stern School of Business, New Your University, USA
Candidate Statement:
I have been fascinated with grounded theory ever since I read Glaser and Strauss (1967) book in 1996. For the last 20 years this book has shaped my research practices. Over the years, however, I experienced not only the rewards that came with discovering inductive insights, but also the challenges of this high intensity research method and frustrations of publishing GTM studies in top journals. Motivated to talk to others struggling with similar issues, I joined the first GTM breakfast meeting organized by Walter Fernandez in Montreal in 2007. Since, then we have cofounded SIG GTM, co-organized 9 ICIS and a number of other workshops, and published a special issue of EJIS on GTM. As a former senior editor at ISR, I have actively solicited GTM-informed papers, AEs, and reviewers. If elected, I will continue building SIG GTM community as an open, warm, and supportive group of friends interested in jointly figuring out how to do insightful, impactful, and authentic research based on GTM founding principles. Going forward, when the boundary between qualitative and quantitative data becomes increasingly murky, I plan to continue our dialogue on what it means to do GTM in the digital age. 

Vice President and Secretary
Suprateek Sarker, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, USA
Candidate Statement:
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as one of the co-founders of SIG GTM with my distinguished colleagues Walter Fernandez and Natalia Levina, who have provided, and continue to provide, immense intellectual and organizational leadership in developing a community of IS scholars with an interest in GTM. For me, as a qualitative researcher in IS, I have always found GTM to be among the most versatile, flexible, and defensible of methodological approaches. I started my first project using GTM in 1998, and continue to be engaged with GTM as an author, reviewer, and Senior Editor. Going forward, my goals, consistent with those of Natalia Levina, is to do what I can to ensure that 1) the GTM community continues to grow, intellectually and in terms of numbers, 2) members continue to feel connected with and be supportive of each other, and 3) GTM (and other qualitative research) scholarship continues to be respected in the discipline and members have sufficient publication opportunities in our leading journals.

Membership and Community Relations Chair
Ning Su, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Candidate Statement:
I have been applying grounded theory as a key methodology of my research, which explores the transformation of global IT outsourcing relationships, from both clients’ and suppliers’ perspectives. Based on extensive field studies, my research has been published in MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, MIT Sloan Management Review, etc. My work also includes a book chapter forthcoming in The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Management. Generating insights directly from the field, GTM has also inspired my other activities, including publication of 11 Ivey cases, teaching, as well as case teaching and writing workshops for both academics and practitioners in diverse countries. As an active member of SIGGTM, over the years, I was very fortunate to learn tremendously from colleagues in the community, and had the opportunity to share my experience through presentation and workshops at ICIS, AOM, etc. If elected, I would work on membership, events and other initiatives to promote GTM. It would be my honor and pleasure to further deepen and broaden the awareness and impact of GTM among diverse communities.

Communications Chair
Suranjan Chakraborty, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University, USA
Candidate Statement:
I am a qualitative interpretive researcher who has primarily used Grounded Theory Method for my research. I have used this approach in my doctoral dissertation and have also published grounded theoretical research in Journal of the AIS and ACM Transactions on MIS. More recently I have been interested in integrating GTM procedures within a Design Science framework to develop a grounded requirements process, a work that was published in ACM Transactions on MIS. 

I have been an active member of the SIG GTM from the time of the first meeting at Montreal in 2007, and have participated in every workshop since then. It has been a privilege being part of this community and over the years I have developed immensely as a GTM researcher because of the interactions in this workshop. In the past have helped with the porting of the SIG GTM website to AIS content management system and also with communicating about the workshop. I am delighted and honored with this opportunity to further serve this wonderful community and if elected it would be my intention to develop the website into both an informational and collaborative forum that would allow members to interact beyond the duration of the annual workshop. I shall also work to the best of my ability to help widen the reach and success of the SIG GTM Community.

Susan Gasson, College of Computing & Informatics, Drexel University, USA
Candidate Statement:
I am a serial Grounded Theorist, who uses the approach to explore and conceptualize IS-related change in business organizations and online communities. I have published two book chapters and a paper in the European Journal of Information Systems on qualitative approaches to the Grounded Theory Method (GTM), in addition to GTM-based research papers in journals such as the Journal of End User Computing, European Journal of Information Systems, and The Information Society. I consider myself part of a vibrant SIGGTM community, having presented the findings from Grounded Theory studies at ICIS and at SIGGTM. If elected to the position, I would work to organize workshops and other activities that promote the use of Grounded Theory. As a business manager in my previous career, I have accounting and financial management expertise. I would welcome the opportunity to serve, to support the SIGGTM in widening its reach, and to contribute to the success of our SIGGTM community.

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