AIS Publications and Content Management Initiative

This webpage will serve as an information depository and coordination point for all five task forces involved in the AIS Publications and Content Management Initiative. Task force coordinators who wish to post information to all of the task forces, or to their specific task force members, should email

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Background, Scope and Aims


AIS publication portfolio and publication capabilities have expanded significantly over the last 10 years through member initiatives, mergers and several separate decisions. Each of these measures sought to improve some aspect and problem of the publication cycle. At the same time a more encompassing and holistic view of the direction and strategic priorities has been lacking. The need has become clear for a more focused and holistic strategy for publications and content management, in conjunction with the recent efforts to better coordinate AIS conferences, and to develop a sense of how AIS manages and partners with different types of publications.


The scope of this project encompasses all AIS Publications currently included in the AIS e-Library, which includes all AIS journals and conferences, all partnership journals (MISQ, MISQE), and all affiliated journals and conferences. The presumption is that AIS publication processes can be improved and streamlined, and costs can be reduced while increasing quality. AIS publication operations should have a goal of increasing revenue that helps reduce current operational risks and also supports other member activities. This can happen through additional subscription sales to non-members, both individuals and institutions, and finding ways to balance the cost of publishing and membership benefits.


In general, the goal of this project is to provide a holistic view of AIS publication and content management activities that seek to increase the impact of AIS publications through several key initiatives. Specifically, the aim is to provide a foundation for thinking about and planning AIS publication strategic direction for the next three years, while developing a more holistic understanding of several multidimensional AIS initiatives. As such, it seeks also to solicit and integrate ideas from the VP of Technology, VP of conferences and VP of membership, all of whom have a stake in, and are influenced by, how AIS publications are managed. Similarly we seek input from all AIS-owned journals and partnership journals, as they have a stake and natural interest in the success of AIS publication strategy.

Task Forces for Execution of the Initiative

This initiative has been divided into five task forces, each addressing specific projects that will enhance AIS’ publications and content management practices.

These task forces are as follows (visit each task force page for more detailed information about that task force):

Task Force 1: Bepress Transition

Mandate: Plan and coordinate implementation and transition of conference and journal submission and review process from ScholarOne to bepress by January 1, 2013. This task force consists of three groups. 

Task Force 2: Marketing

Mandate: Develop and implement AIS strategic marketing plan.

Task Force 3: Copy Editing

Mandate: Develop and implement a process for consistent copy editing across all AIS publications, including creation of an AIS copy editing position. 

Task Force 4: Pricing

Mandate: Evaluate current pricing policies for subscriptions to journals and AIS membership, and establish a strategic pricing plan. Determine if individual membership dues and subscription fees should be separated, and, if so, how and at what cost. 

Task Force 5: Social Media

Mandate: Establish social media and marketing guidelines for AIS publications (coordinate also with MISQ and MISQ-E), conferences, the AIS website and AIS World.

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