Completing your ICIS Registration
  1. If necessary, Join or Renew your AIS membership
    1. To do so, please visit the AIS Member Benefits page
  2. Select "Register"
  3. Complete registration information on the "Attendee Info" tab
    1. The information currently listed in your AIS member profile will prepopulate in the appropriate fields in the Registration Information section
    2. Select the appropriate answers to the required questions
  4. Select the "Next" button to continue
  5. Select your registration option
  6. If applicable, add any guest options and/or ancillary meetings & workshops
  7. Select the save button to continue
  8. Update the "recipient information"
  9. Enter your "payment information" and billing details
    1. Enter your payment information (if paying by wire transfer select the Check/Money Order option and contact the Registrar to request wire payment details
    2. If you will be applying a promo code during your registration; enter the code in the Promo Code field then select the "Apply" button

    3. Please note: If your billing information is the same as your "recipient information" you may select the "Check here if the billing address is the same as the recipient information" box to copy your contact information in the Billing Information section

  10. Select the "Proceed to Confirmation," button
  11. Verify/Confirm all registration details
    1. Verify all of your contact information in the Recipient Information & the Payment Information sections. If you need to make any edits select the edit button in the applicable section.

    2. Verify/confirm your registration options and quantities

      1. Select your browser's back button to make any changes to the registration options or quantities
    3. Confirm the Grand Total includes all applicable discounts
  12. Select "Complete Order"
  13. Please look to receive two emails shortly after your registration is complete
    1. Email 1 - Conference Confirmation Letter
    2. Email 2 - Conference Registration Receipt

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