Community Elections


Elections are a great opportunity to appreciate your outgoing leaders and welcome new leaders to your community. Some communities like to arrange their own elections, which is appropriate. Should you want some assistance, AIS will host online voting on behalf of your community.


Online voting process
  1. Complete the online form with the following information to notify the AIS staff to set up the online ballot at least two weeks before the planned election. 
    1. List of positions and candidates
    2. Introductory message for ballot
    3. Election Period (dates the ballot should be open for voting)
    4. Link to candidate bios/platforms (hosted on your community website or group pages)
  2. Send voting link to your community members announcing the dates elections are open.
  3. After the elections closes, an email will be sent to the point of contact with the results – the number of votes cast for each candidate.
  4. After an election you will want to notify AIS of the officer changes. To do so, please use this form update officer information


Best Practices

_____ Establish a nominating committee according to your bylaws. Do this at least 2-3 months prior to opening the elections, preferably at the beginning of the community's fiscal year.

_____ Establish a scope for the committee. See an example here.

_____ Use the AIS online electronic ballot.

_____Update your officer roster with AIS.

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