AIS Publications and Content Management Initiative

Task Force 1: Bepress Transition

Task Force Mandate: Plan and coordinate implementation and transition of conference and journal submission and review process from ScholarOne to bepress by January 1, 2013. This task force consists of three groups.

The Task Force Coordination group is responsible for coordinating technology transition, connections and negotiations with bepress and ScholarOne, and any necessary coordination between the two transition working groups: Journals and Conferences.

The Journals and Conferences working groups are responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing the actual implementation and transition to bepress.

Task Force Coordination

Group Coordinator: Andy Schwarz, AIS VP Technology


Kalle Lyytinen, AIS VP Publications

Cynthia Beath, AIS VP Meetings/Conferences

Tmitri Owens, AIS Office

Available Consultants

Jeff Rausch, AIS Technology Director

Sarah James, ScholarOne

Dave Seitz, Bepress

Working Group: Conferences

Coordinators: Stacie Petter, AMCIS 2013 Program Chair
                   J.P. Shim, AMCIS 2013 Program Chair


Michael Chau, ICIS 2009 and ICIS 2011 Review Coordinator, ICIS 2013 Program Chair

Xiaodong Deng, AMCIS 2011 Review Coordinator

Richard Baskerville, ICIS 2013 Program Chair

Advisory Capacity Only:

Dorothy Leidner, AMCIS 2010 Program Chair

Brian Pentland, ICIS 2008 Program Chair

Working Group: Journals

Coordinator: Matti Rossi, CAIS


Marcus Rothenberger, JITTA

Shirley Gregor, JAIS

Ping Zhang, THCI



July 1, 2012: Task Force initiated

September 1, 2012: Detailed transition plan completed

October 1, 2012: Initiate bepress implementation

December 1, 2012: bepress implementation completed

January 1, 2013: Transition to bepress for all AIS Journals

January 1, 2013: AMCIS 2013 ready for submissions in bepress

January 31, 2013: ICIS 2013 ready for submissions in bepress


  1. Detailed plan for transition, to also include the process by which "in-process” manuscripts are handled or transitioned.
  2. Successful implementation of bepress platform across journals and conferences.
  3. Successful transition of ScholarOne configuration and settings into bepress, including documentation of new procedures for submission and review for journals and conferences.
  4. Setup of AMCIS 2013 in bepress.
  5. Setup of ICIS 2013 in bepress.

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