AIS Adm Bulletin: Submit to eLibrary
AIS Administrative Bulletin  
 Number:  2014.0501.01
 Subject Area:  eLibrary
 Topic:  Submitting Proceedings to eLibrary
 Last Updated:  June 1, 2015
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AIS fully supports the utilization of its eLibrary for the purposes of disseminating articles and proceedings regarding information systems. The self-service model is provided to editors of journals and conference proceedings at no fee.

If you have any questions about this process, please email or call 404-413-7445.

In order for you to prepare for the update to your series, please view the appropriate video below to view the training session.

Proceedings Management Training: 

Journal Management Training:

Review the instructions on the batch upload process if needed.

 Once you have viewed the training, please forward the following information to

1. Name of the conference/group/journal

2. Acronym for conference/group/journal

3. What year(s) are we putting up (sais2008, sais2009, etc)

4. Who will serve as administrators/editors (names and email addresses)

The resulting account will provide you access to the eLibrary to begin the uploading process. After you have completed the upload, an announcement can be submitted to the AIS InSider (electronic newsletter) for distribution by sending an email directly to with the completed copy.

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