2016 SIGGIS Election
Dear SIGGIS members,

SIGGIS has a slate of candidates for the election of Chair and Chair-Elect. The term of the two positions will start in January 2017. Following are the list of the candidates and the biographical sketch of each candidate:

Chair (two year term): Daniel Farkas, Pace University
Chair-Elect (two year term): Brian Hilton, Claremont Graduate University

Dan Farkas is a Professor in the Information Technology department at Pace University and founder and past Chair of the AIS Special Interest group on GIS (SIGGIS). Working with SIGGIS colleagues he has been active in growing SIG membership and impact through the development of workshops and minitracks at AIS conferences. Dan is interested in working with colleagues to increase and engage members of the SIG, develop an advisory board and improve SIG communication outlets including the website and newsletter. At Pace, he has been innovative in developing curriculum in Computer Security, Web Development and Geographic Information Systems. Dan has given tutorials and workshops on Networking, Linux Administration, and GIS Concepts to nationally and internationally for over 30 years. He holds a BA, MS and PhD from New York University and an MS from Johns Hopkins University (Environmental Science and Policy).

Brian N. Hilton received a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University, School of Information Science, Claremont, CA, U.S.A. Dr. Hilton’s research and teaching focuses on advanced geographic information system (GIS) analysis, the research and development of advanced GIS solutions, and the use of emerging technologies in information system development. Dr. Hilton is the Director of the Advanced GIS Lab which stresses a transdisciplinary approach to knowledge, research, and problem-solving using core ideas, methods, and concepts from several disciplines to critically examine a broad range of real-world problems. Currently, the Lab and its associated students and faculty are examining the implementation of GIS technologies to improve community health, better understand road transportation safety, support humanitarian efforts, and examine ecosystem services.

Please vote by Friday, December 9th, 5pm Eastern Time by using the electronic ballot. Thank you for your participation in the election.

Best regards,
Namchul Shin, SIGGIS Nomination Chair

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