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AIS Chapters

Because AIS members are located in over 90 countries, many have formed regional chapters that facilitate additional networking between colleagues that live and work close by. While each chapter may offer a variety of services, many provide information about upcoming conferences, local journals, and open positions.

As an AIS member, you may join a chapter, propose a new chapter, or browse our chapter resources. Below you will find a list of all current AIS chapters, along with their website and contact information.

Join an AIS Chapter
Chapter membership is available to all current AIS members. To join, login to your account, click on "Manage Profile" and follow the instructions found there. AIS does not collect dues for chapter membership, however many chapters charge and collect dues in their local currencies. Please review the chapter websites below for information about the cost of joining a specific chapter. 

Contact Information

Click here for a live list of chapter presidents.(Don't see your Chapter President on the list? Make sure we have your current officer roster!)

AIS Region  Chapter Name Chapter Abbreviation
 Outstanding Chapter Award
 3  Australasian
AAIS 2014, 2015, 2016 
 3  Bangladesh
 2  Benelux Benais  
 1  Brazil BRAIS 2016 
 2  Bulgaria BulAIS  
 2  Cyprus CY-AIS  
 3  China Mainland
CNAIS 2014, 2015  
 3  Chinese Scholars
Chinese Scholars
 2  Egypt EAIS  
 2  Ethiopia EthAIS  
 2  French  FRAIS  
 2  Greece HeAIS  
 3  Hong Kong
 3  India  INAIS  
 3  Indonesia
 2  Ireland IAIS  
 2  Israel IL-AIS  
 2  Italy ITAIS 2014, 2015, 2016 
 3  Japan
 3  Korea KrAIS 2014, 2015, 2016
 1  Latin America and Caribbean
 2  Lebanon  LAIS  2016 
 2  Liechtenstein LCAIS 2014, 2015, 2016 
 3  Malaysia MyAIS
 2  Middle East and North Africa  MENA-AIS  
1  Midwest USA
MWAIS 2014, 2015, 2016
 2  Morocco AIS Maroc
 3  Pakistan AIS Pakistan
 2  Poland PLAIS  2014, 2016
 2  Portugal
PTAIS  2015, 2016
 2  Qatar
 2  Romania RAIS  
 2  Scandinavia
IRIS 2014, 2015 
 2  Slovenia AIS Slovenia
 1  Southern USA
SAIS 2016 
 2  Southern Africa
 2  Spain SPAIS  
 2  Switzerland CHAIS
 2014, 2016
 3  Taiwan TWAIS  2014, 2015
 2  Turkey TRAIS  2016
 3  Vietnam

If you have any questions, please contact the AIS Vice President of SIGs and Colleges or AIS Communities Manager.

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