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SIG Cognitive Research (formerly IS-CoRE) is intended to represent and support researchers in information systems who view understanding human cognition as a critical component to the successful design and implementation of information systems.

Within this unifying theme, a range of diverse topics are of interest, including (but by no means limited to):

  • Situated, shared, social, distributed, and team cognition
  • Collaborative work
  • Group and individual decision support systems
  • Group and individual group problem-finding, problem-solving
  • Cognitive perspectives on human or computer-mediated knowledge-sharing
  • Cognitive perspectives on decision processes
  • Cognitive perspectives on knowledge management
  • Cognitive perspectives on the design or use of information systems
  • Cognitive processes of programmers/systems developers
  • Cognitive aspects of learning and innovation
  • Creativity and creative cognition
  • Design of user learning and training interventions
  • Human factors in information environments
  • Human-computer interaction or human factors perspectives involving cognition or perception
  • Research methods to investigate cognitive issues in IS

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Immediate Past President
Lionel P. Robert Jr.
Teresa Shaft
Cindy Riemenschneider
Robert Otondo

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