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Welcome to the official page for SIG GTM of the Association of Information Systems. This site provides networking opportunity to the members of the special interest group, a way of keeping in touch between meetings, and information to keep you current with the latest developments.

SIGGTM was formed in 2007 in response to the growing interest in the IS research community on the grounded theory methodology (GTM) and endeavors to address many of the issues GTM researchers face today in conducting, crafting, and publishing their work, and to promote the informed use of this approach in the IS research community.

Overall, SIGGTM seeks to contribute to the development and refinement of the members' knowledge on GTM, and to enhance the quality of GTM application and its acceptability in the IS discipline. We seek to achieve the above objectives through seminars, workshops, and on-line resources addressing methodological issues.



The SIGGTM aims to provide an enabling forum in which IS academics and postgraduate students could:

  1. Discuss emerging issues and problems related to the application of the method.
  2. Promote a knowledgeable use of the method. Dealing with myths and misconceptions as well as with practical methodological issues.
  3. Foster research collaborations and extension of IS GTM studies and theories.
  4. Improve the quality of GTM studies in the information systems field through GTM workshops and seminars dealing with epistemological issues as well as practical aspects of theory making (and thus enhancing publishing opportunities).


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