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AIS Best Information Systems Publications Awards

Since 2006, the Senior Scholars have annually recognized up to five papers with a Best Information Systems (IS) Publications Award. This award was established to recognize the breadth of high quality work that is being published in the information systems discipline, and was designed to bring outstanding papers across a range of journals to the attention of the IS community, and to give due credit to the journals in which they are published.

Each year, journal editors issue a call for the best paper published in their journal in the preceding year. A committee composed of Senior Scholars reviews the nominations, and selects a group of semi-finalists for further consideration. In past years, the award winning papers were selected from among the semi-finalists by a vote of the Senior Scholars or as the result of an in-depth review of the nominations by the Senior Scholars Best Publications Committee. The awards are presented each year during the Senior Scholars session at ICIS.

Previous Winners


  • "Raising and Rising Voices in Social Media – A Novel Methodological Approach in Studying Cyber-Collective Movements,” Nitin Agarwal, Merlyna Lim, Rolf Wigand, Business & Information Systems Engineering (2012)
  • "Trends in Website Design,” Gili Korman Golander, Noam Tractinsk, Ilanit Kabessa-Cohen, AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction (2012)
  • "Social Networks and the Diffusion of User-Generated Content: Evidence from YouTube,” Anjana Susarla, Jeong-Ha Oh, Yong Tan, Information Systems Research (2012)
  • "Perceived Discontinuities and Constructed continuities in Virtual Work,” Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, Katherine M. Chudoba, Kevin Crowston, Information Systems Journal (2012)
  • "A Glorious and Not-So-Short History of the Information Systems Field," Rudy Hirschheim, Heinz K. Klein, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2012)


  • Saggi Nevo and Michael Wade, "Firm-level Benefits of IT-enabled Resources: A Conceptual Extension and an Empirical Assessment," Journal of Strategic Information Systems (2011)
  • Samer Faraj, Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, and Ann Majchrzak"Knowledge Collaboration in Online Communities," Organization Science (2011)
  • Janice Y. Tsai, Serge Egelman, Lorrie Cranor, and Alessandro Acquisti, "The Effect of Online Privacy Information on Purchasing Behavior: An Experimental Study,” Information Systems Research (2011)
  • Torsten J. Gerpott, "Determinants of Self-report and System-captured Measures of Mobile Internet Use Intensity," Information Systems Frontiers (2011)
  • Matt Germonprez, Dirk Havorka, and Uri Gal, "Secondary Design: A Case of Behavioral Design Science Research,” Journal of the Association of Information Systems (2011)

The 2012 AIS IS Best Paper Award administrators, Allen Lee, Fred Niederman, and Claudia Loebbecke, would like to thank the AIS Senior Scholars who volunteered as reviewers, selecting the winners from among 21 nominations. Reviewers included Phillip Ein-Dor, Chris Kemerer, Stefan Klein, Sal March, Carol Saunders, Sandy Slaughter, Reza Torkzadeh, Bernard Tan, and Ron Weber.


  • Lei Chi, T. Ravichandran and Goce Andrevski, "Information Technology, Network Structure, and Competitive Action," Information Systems Research (2010)
  • Ahmed Abbasi, Zhu Zhang, David Zimbra, Hsinchun Chen and Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., "Detecting Fake Websites: The Contribution of Statistical Learning Theory," MIS Quarterly (2010)
  • Sulin Ba, Dan Ke, Jan Stallaert and Zhongju Zhang, "Why Give Away Something for Nothing? Investigating Virtual Goods Pricing and Permission Strategies,” ACM Transcations on Management Information Systems (2010)
  • Ofer Arazy, Nanda Kumar and Bracha Shapira, "Theory-Driven Design Framework for Social Recommender Systems,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2010)
  • João Baptista, Sue Newell and Wendy Currie, "Paradoxical Effects of Institutionalisation on the Strategic Awareness of Technology in Organisations,” Journal of Strategic Information Systems (2010)


  • Dianne Cyr, Milena Head, Hector Larios, and Bing Pan, "Exploring Human Images in Website Design: A Multi-Method Approach," MIS Quarterly (2009)
  • Emmanuelle Vaast and Geoff Walsham, "Trans-Situated Learning: Supporting a Network of Practice with an Information Infrastructure,"Information Systems Research (2009)
  • Yulin Fang and Derrick Neufeld, "Understanding Sustained Participation in Open Source Software Projects," Journal of Management Information Systems (2009)
  • Katrin Jonsson, Jonny Holmstrom, and Kalle Lyytinen, "Turn to the material: Remote diagnostics systems and new forms of boundary-spanning,"Information and Organization (2009)
  • Eric A. Walden and Glenn J. Browne, "Sequential Adoption Theory: A Theory for Understanding Herding Behavior in Early Adoption of Novel Technologies,"Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2009)


  • Rosio Alvarez, "Exploring technology, structure and identity during Enterprise System Implementation," Information Systems Journal (2008)
  • Ravi Bapna, Wolfgang Jank, Galit Shmueli, "Consumer Surplus in Online Auctions," Information Systems Research (2008)


  • Alan R. Dennis, Robert M. Fuller, Joseph S. Valacich, "Media, Tasks, and Communication Processes: A Theory of Media Synchronicity," MIS Quarterly (2007)
  • Paul M. Leonardi, Stephen R. Barley, "Materiality and Change: Challenges to Building Better Theory About Technology and Organizing," Information and Organization (2007)
  • M. Lynne Markus, Mark S. Silver, "A Foundation for the Study of IT Effects: A New Look at DeSanctis and Poole’s Concepts of Structural Features and Spirit," Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2007)


  • Wai Fong Boh, "Mechanisms for Sharing Knowledge in Project-based Organizations," Information & Organization (2006)
  • Andrew Burton-Jones and Michael J. Gallivan, "Toward a Deeper Understanding of System Usage in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective," MIS Quarterly (2006)
  • Dorothy E. Leidner and Jane M. Mackay, "How Incoming CIOs Transition into Their New Jobs," MIS Quarterly Executive (2006)
  • Paul P. Tallon, & Kenneth L. Kraemer, "Fact or Fiction? A Sensemaking Perspective on the Reality Behind Executives’ Perceptions of IT Business Value," Journal of Management Information Systems (2006)
  • Shirley Gregor & David Jones, "The Anatomy of a Design Theory," Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2006)


  • M. Lynne Markus, Charles W. Steinfield, Rolf T. Wigand, Gabe Minton, "Industry-Wide Information Systems Standardization as Collective Action: The Case of the U. S. Residential Mortgage Industry," Management Information Systems Quarterly (2005)
  • Marlei Pozzebon, Ryad Titah, Alain Pinsonneault, "Combining Social Shaping of Technology and Communicative Action Theory for Understanding Rhetorical Closure in IT," Information Technology & People (2005)
  • Paul A. Pavlou, Omar A. El Sawy, "From IT Leveraging Competence to Competitive Advantage in Turbulent Environments: The Case of New Product Development," Information Systems Research (2005)
  • Nelson F. Granados, Alok Gupta, Robert J. Kauffman, "The Impact of IT on Market Information and Transparency: A Unified Theoretical Framework," Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2005)
  • Erica L. Wagner, Susan V. Scott, Robert D. Galliers, "The Creation of ‘Best Practice’ Software: Myth, Reality and Ethics," Information and Organization (2005)

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