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AIS Fellow Award

Purpose of Award

The AIS Fellow Award, which was established in 1999, recognizes individuals who have made outstanding research, teaching and/or service contributions to the field of information systems. An AIS Fellow is also expected to have made significant global contributions to the discipline as well as outstanding local contributions in the context of their country and region. Furthermore, AIS Fellows are expected to be role models to colleagues and students within the discipline. In addition, they should be capable of commanding the respect of individuals from outside the discipline and should be esteemed for their high levels of professional and personal integrity.

Role and Constitution of AIS Fellows Committee

The AIS Fellows Committee will be formed by 1 September, and will consist of six (6) members made up of: The immediate past-president of AIS (who will act as Committee Chair), The President of AIS, The President-Elect of AIS, and three members of the existing body of AIS Fellows (at least one of whom has not previously served on the AIS Fellows Selection Committee. The latter three will be selected by the Chair of the Committee, and must be approved by the AIS President. Current committee members include:

  • Jane Fedorowicz, Bentley University (Past President, committee term ends June 2015)
  • Helmut Krcmar, Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen (President, committee term ends June 30, 2016)
  • Jae Kyu Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ( President-Elect, committee term ends June 30, 2017)
  • Dorothy Leidner, Baylor University
  • Guy Fitzgerald, Loughborough University
  • Christina Soh, Nanyang Technological University


By 1 September each year, the Chair of the AIS Fellows Committee will issue a widespread call for nominations to AIS Fellow. A nomination must include both the name of the nominee and the basis for the nomination, and candidates may not be self-nominated. Furthermore, those elected must be current members of AIS, and must remain members until the retire from full time work. Nominations will close on October 15.

Number of Fellows

The number of fellows appointed in one year may be no more than four per year or no more than one less than the number appointed in the previous year, which ever number is larger. No more than six (6) fellows may be appointed, with no more than two (2) per AIS region. (December 2009 AIS Council Minutes)

Election of Fellows

In electing fellows, the AIS Fellows Committee will consider the nominations that they receive. In addition, members of the Committee may consider other colleagues whom they believe are deserving of the award.

The Chair of the Committee will notify those colleagues who have been chosen for the Award. In addition, the Chair will notify those colleagues who have acted as nominators of the outcome of their nomination.

The Committee' s deliberations will be confidential to the members of the Committee. The Committee is not obliged to make its deliberations available to subsequent Fellows Committees. Members will not enter into correspondence in relation to their deliberations and decisions.

In any year, the Committee may choose to elect no-one as a Fellow. In the event of a tie among the six-member committee, the Chair of the Committee may cast the deciding vote (December, 2000 minutes)

New AIS Fellows will be inducted by the Chair of the AIS Fellows Committee at a ceremony held at the International Conference on Information Systems. They will be presented with a plaque. Fellows are also entitled to use the letters FAIS after their name. From time to time, the Committee may decide that additional forms of recognition of Fellows are also appropriate.

Past Recipients of the AIS Fellow Award

2013: Richard Boland, Wynne Chin, Guy Fitzgerald, Patrick Chau, Christina Soh
2012: Soon Ang, Roger Clarke, Alan Dennis, Elena Karahanna, Claudia Loebbecke, Ann Majchrzak
2011: Ritu Agarwal, Juhani Iivari, Jae Kyu Lee, Dorothy Leidner, Barnard Tan
2010: David Avison, Shirley Gregor, Arun Rai, Marco de Marco, Varun Grover
2009: Michael D. Myers, Joseph Valacich, Vallabh Sambamurthy, Sid Huff
2008: Dov Te'eni, Omar A. El Sawy, Rajiv Sabherwal, Joey F. George
2007: Rudy Hirscheim, Malcolm Carlyle Munro, E. Burton Swanson, Ilze Zigurs
2006: Cynthia Beath, Jane Fedorowicz, Ralph H. Sprague, Richard Thomas Watson
2005: Michael J. Ginzberg, John Leslie King, Allen S. Lee, Detmar Straub, Kwok Kee Wei
2004: Kalle Lyytinen, M. Lynne Markus, Dan Robey, Doug Vogel, Hugh Watson
2003: Robert Galliers, Rob Kling, Ken Kraemer, T. P. Liang, Carol Saunders, Robert Zmud
2002: Izak Benbasat, Dennis F. Galletta, Seev Neumann, Michael Vitale
2001: Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Jim McKenney
2000: Maryam Alavi, Gordon B. Davis, Phillip Ein-Dor, Frank Land, Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., Ronald Arthur, Gerard Weber
1999: Chrisanthi Avgerou, Niels Bj√łrn-Andersen, Paul Gray, Blake Ives, William R. King, Iris Vessey, Ephraim R. McLean

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